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Golf (Channel F)


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Found and fixed a rather nasty bug that allowed you to shoot through the trees and had ball graphics screwed up when you did.

This morning I went a little further and made it so the guy doesn't flash when you hit a tree.


What happens when the ball hits a tree?


Will it stop or bounce back? And if it bounces back, does it go straight back the way it came, or does it bounce off in a feasible direction (pseudo-physics)?

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Some feedback:


It seems that the maximum number of strokes are 99. For a 9 hole course that should be sufficient, for a 18 hole course it will take quite a bit of skill. I don't know if it should be Game Over once you reached maximum number of strokes?


At least in emulation, it doesn't seem that diagonal strokes are possible. If I push the buttons for up and left, one of them take precedence. It makes the game harder, and also increases the number of strokes. Have you considered diagonal strokes? Perhaps the twist feature of the controller could be used, to hook the stroke clockwise or counter clockwise, though I realize it would complicate things.


Some of the existing holes are challenging, some are mostly game testing. Not until the last hole you got both water traps and trees on the same level, probably you can vary the layout on additional holes. One of the holes has the flag very close to the water trap which is a challenge. Perhaps you can make a hole where the green is on a small island surrounded by water? If you mention the limitations of each hole regarding positioning of water traps and their size, positioning of trees and their amount, flag etc you could have some help with it.

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Added a new putting system. It's like shooting the ball only the meter goes slower so you can better tune your shot.

Please note that I still have to design hole 9. What's there now is an easy test level.

I spent three hours on this thing today, until I realized the source of a bug. Who knew you had to define all the objects on hole 1 whether they're in the screen or not? Not me, and I made the engine!


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Last update for a while. I changed the way you shoot so you don't have to keep holding down fire to make the meter move. To stop the meter and move, press the joystick in the way you want to move. I thought this would be a lot better since you don't have to keep pressing fire.



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