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ABBUC Magazine Issue #136


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It's always a joy to receive new issues of magazine of ABBUC, the German club with 460 members.


The included disks force you to turn on your old disk drives, sometimes forgotten because of modern loading devices.


In addition to the usual disk(s) full of programs/demos/graphics, there's a Pong clone inside a beautiful English / German package.





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For those not members of ABBUC, the actual magazine is in the top right corner of the pictures. What might look like a magazine is actually just the printed "extra" (Beilage) to the magazine, which according to the club's constitution must be published on disc.


I have to admit that I only joined a couple of years ago as ABBUC began shortly before I moved to the ST, but it's great to have an 8-bit club that endured for over 30 years and is still alive and kicking!


For those without working disc drives or those too lazy or space-strapped to set them up, the magazine ATRs are available in the members' download section.

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I hope that "WUDSN DIE" on Another Pong's cover is just a typo and not a statement. :D

Oh yes, when the very beautiful casing was created, this seems to happened by automatic word correction. In my text I wrote WUDSN IDE.

And I hope there will be a patch to play it with paddles...

That could be done, but I don't own paddles and so I newer had coded for them. So I actually I've no clue how to do it.
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*GASP* Someone without Paddles codes THE paddle game... Take a look at the Profibuch, Page 182:


Bei der Abfrage dieser Anschlüsse stehen zwei Ebenen zur Verfügung: Einerseits
die Hardwareregister im Bereich des PIA (54016-54019; $D300-
$D303), andererseits die durch das Betriebssystem bereitgestellten Variablen
zwischen 624 ($270) und 647 ($287). Die Letzteren sind im Allgemeinen
vorzuziehen, da einerseits einige l.stige Umrechnungsarbeit eingespart
wird und andererseits das Betriebssystem automatisch für die
bei XL/XE-Ger.ten fehlenden Anschlüsse vernünftige Werte einsetzt (es
kopiert n.mlich einfach die Werte für die ersten beiden Anschlüsse in die
Register für die fehlenden Anschlüsse). Au.erdem ist für die Abfrage der
PADDLE-Register im POKEY ein spezielles Timing erforderlich, auf das
man so nicht zu achten braucht.
Die Bearbeitung der Drehreglerwerte ist denkbar einfach: Die Register
enthalten stets einen Wert zwischen 0 (rechter Anschlag) und 228 (linker
Anschlag) für die jeweilige Drehposition. Die Register für die Feuerkn.pfe
der Drehregler haben den Wert 0, wenn der Knopf gedrückt ist, und 1,
wenn er es nicht ist.




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However, i can't read side B of the disk - might be there is only side A published?

Do you mean magazine's disk side B?

Yes, there are programs on it.

You can download ATR from ABBUC's website (members/download/Downloads/ABBUC Magazine).

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oh ok, so there is side B on #136. good to know, seems like my floppy disk came corrupted. Will download side B from abbuc website. thanks!



Do you mean magazine's disk side B?

Yes, there are programs on it.

You can download ATR from ABBUC's website (members/download/Downloads/ABBUC Magazine).

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  • 9 months later...

The official release of my game was initiated by Adam for the KazKompo 2019 (http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1578860180&archive=&start_from=0&ucat=1&ct=nowinki). There you can find the game within the complete archive.

Now I added the game with manuals at pouet.net, too: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=84604

And of course it will be online in a few minutes at my own homepage ;) (https://www.ppsberlin.de)


And yes, at some day, there will be an updated version...

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