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So I took a chance and gambled and bought a disc game off eBay. It came despite slow shipping. The guy waited a few days to mail it out, which I understand, but if you are selling stuff on eBay, you really should ship it ASAP. I got another X-Box game. This one is, well, you know.

This is not the same Tetris as I was used to. I guess I am a Tetris purist, but it should keep going until you reach the top. Not so in this version. After a certain amount of lines, the game ends and says "You won." WTF? You can't win in Tetris! You're supposed to keep going until I reach the top. I tried different "modes" and they all work the same exact way. I have the game for GBA and there is a code that lets you play Tetris the way it should be played. No code like that exists for the X-Box version. At least GameFAQs doesn't tell you it.

Oh well. If I want to play Tetris normally, I guess I can plug my NES in and play it that way. I was thinking though that the NES Nintendo version shouldn't get impossible to control at level 20. Only ONCE in my whole life have I reached Level 20 in NES Tetris. I even took a picture of it.

I guess I can't do that with the X-Box version. I guess I should be glad I got a working disc game for a finicky X-Box on eBay.

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