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Show Patrol - Thunderbirds - Pit of Peril


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In the second episode the army is testing what looked like a gigantic crab. Weighs 500 tons, able to pull up trees and what not.

Now the army is unstoppable!! Until of course the large crab falls into a 300 foot crater. Soo... kinda stoppable.

Here we see the advantage of Thunderbird 2 (green ship) and the interchangable pods. Maybe in the first episode, but wow, that IS cool.

LOL moments
"So darn far from civilization we'd have a remote chance of getting rescued".

They lower two men into the pit to assess the damage, and each is burned from the heat. Protective suits? Anyone?

"The Sidewinder is on it's side!"

Love the usual Routine of Scott saying "If you want to thank us just make sure no one tracks us."

So secretive!

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