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Doctor Clu's Space Shows - Buck Rogers - Season 2: Story 1: "Time o


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I'm going to give thoughts on all Season 2 episodes. But I'll start by saying I like all of Season 1 episodes.

My ONLY problem with season one (and something I would edit for fun) is that in the space dogfight scenes they often mix ship types like we wouldn't notice.

Season 2: Story 1:
"Time of the Hawk". Usual edits aside * great introduction of Hawk.

* Usual edits in this one (for a fan edit) being Twiki's voice (sorry Bob Elyea), Crichton would grow on me but his earlier appearances are insufferable, and Dr. Goodfellow and Admiral Azimov even more so, mostly in what I call their bullying of Crichton. And of course the editing of the opening narration to that of William Conrad. Yes, I have done my own fan edit to make Season 2 more watchable, but amazingly, looking back, there was a lot there to begin with.

The opening title and credits are usually shown with the Searcher flying by slowly. I generally try to put this in relation with the story (if they happen to be on the ship). This was not so carefully played out originally. But the opening music was always different and matched the tone of the story, so though the budget might have been less I don't think they skimped on the music.

Notice I don't say a lot about Hawk and that is only because out of everything season 2, he was the only part that everyone seems to agree is just awesome.

I was even lucky enough to score a fan made figure of Hawk. :D

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