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Doctor Clu's Space Shows - Buck Rogers - Season 2: Story 4 "Mark of


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Season 2: Story 4
"Mark of the Saurian"
Where the trio is cemented and rest of the Searcher gets on board with Buck.

Still having to edit Twiki. Oh man, the whole "Top of the morning" bit from Twiki... UGGG!! But of course, if Mel Blanc said it, it would have been fine, great... funny! Anyway, this episode had me riveted watching it again. Maybe it was seeing Thunderfighters in formation again (stock photage) or the repainted station from Space Vampire, or wondering if the reptilian Saurian race was reused masks from V? Just loved this episode.

And I liked how Wilma was on board with Buck, Hawk was established more than ever to be supportive of Buck (afterall Buck did save his life so... sure.. why not!?) and Azimov, and Goodfellow were intially idio...er... well... clueless at first. But this is where Buck earns their trust.

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