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Doctor Clu's Space Shows - Buck Rogers - Season 2: Story 2 "Journey


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Season 2: Story 2
"Journey to Oasis". Take a little "Road To..." movie, mix some Star Wars, bam! You got this story.

I like all Buck Rogers episodes. Mostly for nostalgia. This is one that is panned a lot by reviewers. I liked it because of Mark Leonard's character having a relationship with Wilma. Because of that I think we saw Wilma grow from just being an automatic love interest as Buck's sidekick/friend. Here they disagree, and Wilma has her own mind about things. And it hit me that maybe Wilma and Buck don't eventually hook up. A big moment in my 10 year old mind.

Only notable edits I would do is the narration, Twiki, and taking some of the edge off Crichton. I think Dr. Goodfellow insults him at the end which I edited out. Didn't like Goodfellow till the end of Season 2.

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