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Don't update to 6.51 If you like to play movies from more than 1 region.


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So ya,


System update 6.51 added a region lock to the drive. You can only change it 4 times and then its totally locked.

Thanks for nothing Sony. Until this update I was able to play both my NTSC and PAL dvd\blurays without an issue.

Would have been nice to know about this before updating. Thanks for nothing Sony.



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I'm surprised they didn't lock the drive from the start, like must manufacturers have. Do you have a lot of PAL discs?


Mostly just movies. I do have some PAL games but only a couple. I was gonna order the physical release of Kholat (PAL only, NTSC is digital) but I'm hesitant now.

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I just dumped the DVD and converted it to a digital format I can use in the media player for when I want to watch this show on my PS4. Still really sucks that there was no warning that this update would do this. Yesterday it played without issue, today it's a problem. Not fun.

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This surprised me so I did a search. That makes it sound like there was always a 4 switch limit for DVD's and that Blu-Ray's were always region locked.


My PS4 has been unhooked the past few weeks. Looking forward to testing this out offline with some PAL Blu-Ray's I can't presently play, before biting the bullet and taking it back online.

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The PS4 slim I have now for about 1.5 years always had those limitations, so I don't think it's something that came with the latest firmware. DVD region can be changed 4 times BR "region"( they don't call it region anymore) can't be changed.


Perhaps that is it and I've just been using blurays for so long and didn't use a DVD.

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No worries. I had to find out the hard way after some wallmart a-hole convinced my wife that 99% of BR's don't have region limitations and I couldn't see any of the symbols on the box of a couple of Studio Ghibli BR's. Back in Europe the bloody things wouldn't play on the PS4 and ofcourse the symbols for the regions the things play in were on the inlay.

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