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MidSpace for Odyssey²


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I was thinking "I haven't done any programming for Odyssey² in a long time. What would be an interesting project that I could actually do on it?" Then I thought of my Game Boy game I had made. So now I've begun work on an Odyssey² version. All I have so far is the ship. It can move left and right and fire. Pressing down makes the ship face down and pressing up makes it face up. This is important because there will be enemies attacking from both below and above. And you can shoot. Press the ACTION button to do that. I haven't tested this on real hardware yet, but I plan to this weekend. But for now, it works on the O2EM emulator.


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I played this a bit tonight and captured some footage from my RGB-modded O2. I think one recommendation I have is maybe to make more enemy designs. Even if they behave the same way as the current enemies, just having some variety in the enemy appearance would make this more interesting visually.


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I played it too (in O2em). Nicely done! I like chicgamer's suggestion. Maybe to improve it further borrow some ideas from Activision here . . . give the player varied ways to score points.


Something to think about would be to add 'stages.' Other O2 games do this like Timelord and Killer Bees, so it should be possible.


Perhaps if there were some sort of collectible items that fell to the middle that the player could collect by moving over them, you could require the player to collect X# of items before the end of a stage.


You could also maybe have a timer of some sort and if the player collected the items faster, they would receive bonus points depending on how much time was left.


On higher levels, maybe there could also be deadly items that stuck to the middle bar for a few seconds that the player must avoid.

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