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Atari Jaguar Battlesphere CIB/NIB Authentic & Original by 4Play(Never used)


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Hello again fellow Atariage fans & Atari Jaguar fans,


After much deliberation, regret, lamentation and thought, I have decided to put up my backup unused Atari Jaguar Battlesphere cartridge, for sale on the chopping block of ebay. It was a hard decision and I really really didn't want to, but times are still tough for me, as I continue to flounder without progress in my economic un-viability. So sad as I know I'll never get to play the game again, certainly not with a pristine unused, undamaged, flawless cartridge such as the one I have listed up on ebay right now. Well, my loss is another Jaguar fans gain, and I am happy someone else will get the chance to own this game. I put the starting price a little higher than my last Battlesphere auction last month as its in better condition and unused (NIB) for decades. I have now reaped the unfortunate cold bitter harvest of my financial negligence as the reaper of desperation calls my name, money is needed like water and air to survive. (I'm trying to make this post interesting and poetic for my readers and longtime friends here that may see this, although everything I say is true) Hopefully, this is the wake up call i needed for me to take my financial responsibility for my life's obligations to myself much more seriously and with greater effort. Besides this is a retro gaming community of the oldest kind - Atari and now that i've passed middle age, I am thinking about dying, and my will and what's to become of my Atari collection - should I hold onto everything and play my Ataris up until the day i die? or should i will everything to friends and family and not worry about it so it doesn't get dumped in the garbage by someone after I'm gone or should i sell everything now and get it to others who would truly enjoy this Atari video game history? Anyways just my thoughts on this, I been talking to ya'll for many years and feel I can open up to you, so I hope you all don't think I'm too weird or lost.


This cartridge and package is CIB/NIB (unused), in Excellent working condition just listed it on ebay. Please take a look and spread the word to anyone that might be looking for a pristine "authentic" copy, not a reproduction or any of that jazz. Haz goldz edge connector contactz and all as specified by 4Play, lol haha!




Thanks to everyone for checking out my sales thread, see any suggestions please let me know. Again, Hopefully I can rejoin active posting here soon, as there is really so much going on, especially in the Jaguar Forum, i am looking forward to it and talking with my friends here on the regular again - we always come back to Atari!







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