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Magnavox Odyssey 2 Console + 17 Games + Composite Video + Spares : SOLD


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This Magnavox Odyssey 2 games console has been completely refurbished, is in perfect working order, comes with 17 games (12 complete in box) and also comes with some rare spare items.

Console refurbishment included:

- All plastics thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

- Joysticks thoroughly cleaned and tested (both work perfectly).

- Motherboard and cartridge contacts thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

- Motherboard graphics colour issue fixed by replacing the colour encoder chip (colours are now perfect).

- ALL electrolytic capacitors replaced with new high quality ones.

- Power supply and motherboard voltage regulation tested and verified to be providing correct voltages to all components.

- Installation of a Type 1 composite video modification (using a PCB that I designed). Looks incredibly good on my LCD TV. Includes adjustable potentiometer to tweak to look the best on your TV/monitor.

Game refurbishment included:

- All game boxes cleaned and where necessary/practical repaired.

- All game cartridges cleaned externally.

- Electrical contacts of all game cartridges cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

- All games tested and working.

Apart from the console, the following are also included:

- Original power supply (working). Due to its age I do recommend that you consider replacing this with a new one to prevent possible future damage to the console.

- Original RF modulation box and associated RF cable both of which were removed from the console to make way for the composite video mod that I installed. The RF box and cable can be reinstalled by you if you desire.

- TWO SPARE ODYSSEY 2 MOTHERBOARDS. I bought these to provide spare parts in case anything goes wrong with the console. These are rare and difficult to get hold of, and in particular are invaluable as they provide spares for the proprietary chips used by Magnavox for this console.

- An alternative (Type 2) composite video mod that again I designed the PCB for. On my TV this gave a slightly lower quality image than the one I kept in the console. I'm providing this as an alternative for you in case this actually gives a better picture on your TV.

I've put in an enormous number of hours work refurbishing this console and the games. You'll be hard pushed to find an alternative in better working condition.

Looking for US$225 + shipping but open to reasonable offers.

















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