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U-235 SoundEngine Documentation


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Hi peeps!


I have been thinking about moving the documentation for the Sound Engine into an online format rather than a hefty PDF included with the releases. Not really fan of maintaining multiple parallel versions of things so want it to be one or the other. At the moment I am playing with simply dumping the docs onto our website in as close as possible style as the PDF is.


My post here is to ask you, the people for your thoughts?


I am working on an online version of the docs at the moment, it's a bit messy as I have to go through tweaking formatting etc, but if you could have a lookie and let me know your thoughts? https://www.u-235.co.uk/developer/sound-engine/documentation/v0-24/


If you wish it would be interesting to hear what formats you would prefer your documentation in (for local docs).


I did consider Doxygen etc, but figure that's going to require me going and putting walls of text into the source (which is already hefty enough) plus they all seem to support specific languages, as this is a binary release software not sure they work well.



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Online documentation is looking good. Seems to be much more clearly laid out than the .pdf (from memory). Maybe you could just supply an html version of the documentation with each current release of the soundengine. I would prefer to load up the offline version of the documentation, the version that goes with the version of the soundengine that I am using (iyswim). Thank you for your effort!

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