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O2 Composite Video Mods - Type 1 & 2 PCB Designs Available


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As I promised in my past posts on the subject of composite video mods for the O2, below are links to the PCB designs for my Type 1 and Type 2 composite video mods.


Feel free to use these for any purpose. However, if you do use these to sell as assembled boards in quantity for commercial means then I only request that you retain the existing text, logo and acknowledgements on the boards.


Type 1



post-5757-0-58803000-1556053514_thumb.png post-5757-0-21787400-1556053519_thumb.png


Type 2



post-5757-0-50365600-1556053524_thumb.png post-5757-0-05924600-1556053529_thumb.png



I used the instructions here with the following modifications.

  • I left the keyboard ribbon cable attached to the motherboard and did NOT disconnect it. These are old cables and are prone to being damaged upon removal and reinsertion. If in doubt leave it attached and just carefully lift and flip the motherboard over to connect the video mod wires while being careful to not strain the ribbon cable.
  • When wiring I used the following colours:
    • Red = +5V
    • Yellow = Video
    • Black = GND
    • White = Audio
  • The picture below shows where I soldered the mod inputs and outputs:

  • Completely remove the RF box and the RF cable but keep all of the screws that held it in place.
  • Install the mod board onto the two posts nearest to the corner of the console as shown in the picture below. Ensure that you use the nylon washers as shown (2 in the top hole and one in the bottom) before screwing the PCB into place.

  • I also screwed the existing white ground wire that went to the RF box into place as shown - just as a convenient means to hold it in place somewhere - it serves no purpose after removing the RF box.
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On 2/24/2022 at 1:29 AM, soufian said:

hi does this also work with the philips videopac 1 ?

If you look at the designs of the composite video mods from eBay seller retro_mood (https://www.ebay.com/itm/185124482518) then you can see that the one for the Odyssey 2 is dramatically different to that for the Videopac. So, I would have to say that my Odyssey 2 mod will only work with an Odyssey 2 and NOT a Videopac.

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