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Why does Chrome think the site is "Not Secure?"


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Nothing on the site has changed, Chrome and other browsers are basically doing this to all sites that aren't running https full-time in an effort to get those sites to change. Although I'm not seeing the "Not secure" in red like you are. This will be fixed soon as I'm working on a long-overdue upgrade of the forum. The entire site, including the forums, will be browsable via https (and will default to that). The store already does so. Could probably due that on the main site as well now, but there are quite a few hardcoded links I need to fix.





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It's part of Google's war on http. They tell Chrome users any http site is "not secure", even on sites where no user information is exchanged, because they want the protocol to go away. Non-google expenses and casualties be damned.


Yeah, it's crap and annoying. I mean, yes, it'll be great to get everything moved onto https, but I really don't like the way they are scaring people, it's bullshit. And there are many sites that are likely to not change, if ever, especially sites no longer being maintained.



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Yeah, I don't have an objection to https conversion per se. It does mean more complexity, and your cert refresh is just one more thing to break.


I don't like Internet protocol choices being taken away by our corporate Big Brother, and yes, the fear mongering is crap.

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Sadly it goes even further, with all the "safe browsing" BS, which can be found even on other browsers such as FF, not only in Google stuff. Before I got rid of it I had a nigh-on-undeletable google PREF cookie and was constantly warned about perfectly safe sites being "dangerous".

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