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What documentation for the EXEC exists out there? I'm looking for info that is detailed enough for programmers to use (ex: this routine uses these registers as inputs and these registers for outputs).


What I've found so far:

  • Your Friend the EXEC - Decent documentation but does not list the addresses where in the EXEC the routines are. They had ASM include files that defined those things (I think YFtE called it SWELL.ASM) that we don't have.
  • dis1600 - Can give friendly names to some of the raw EXEC addresses. The addresses are listed in the ASM comments as well as in dis1600's code. However, the names are not the same as in "Your Friend the EXEC". Also, there are some addresses that dis1600 doesn't recognize an will print them as just "EXEC.94C" or similar. Lastly, it's not clear whether all YFtE routines are named by dis1600.
  • disassembling the EXEC ROM - I've been able to figure a few things this way, but this is slow.

Any docs out there that either a more complete version of Your Friend the EXEC or is a "Captain Crunch Decoder Ring" for mapping YFtE routine names to EXEC ROM addresses?

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