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Neo Geo CD PCB question


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Hi all,



I just got a Neo Geo CD that didn't read discs. After close inspection I soon realised that something on the CD-drive board was burnt. It was a transistor in DPAK package labelled D1758. I've basically replaced this and retraced some burnt traces around it. There's also a diode next to it that looks burnt as well (I've checked with the multimeter and it definitely looks blown). The thing is I don't know what kind of diode should I be looking for as a replacement. On the PCB, the diode is labelled as ZD101, and the diode itself has a "J2" written on top. I've done some research but I haven't found any info relating to this "J2" nomenclature. I assume it's a zener? Could anyone please give me some more info on what I should buy to replace it? That'd be much appreciated. post-63679-0-33633100-1557131541_thumb.jpg


Thanks so much.

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