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Any tips and utilites for PC Engine/TG-16 homebrew programming?


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I found HuC and looking at starting to program for the PC Engine/TG-16. I want to make my own shoot 'em up. I've already started music, sound design and some sprites and tiles. I've messed with Game Maker some but I want my game on my favorite system...

There's really not a lot of us active PC Engine folks here on AtariAge to help you out here.


After the PCEngineFX forums melted down last year, the community scattered.


A lot of us went to the PC Engine Software Bible forum ... that's where I'd recommend that you look for help and tips, especially if you've found the really old version of HuC, and aren't using the newer version with all of Uli's significant improvements.


Some PCEFX folks are active on discord, and IRC, if you prefer those options.


Necromancer kindly cloned the old PCEngineFX forum as PC Engine Fans so that all of the old knowledge isn't lost when PCEngineFX disappears, but it doesn't get much traffic.


Albert could set up a dedicated PC Engine section here ... but I suspect that the active PCE community is too small to for that to be worthwhile for him.

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My game has been put on hold atm but if were to make it for PC-E it would be for Super CDrom2. It makes the most sense to me to release it that way. I can just burn a copy to play on real hardware rather than having to buy a Everdrive to play it. That and I currently have a CD audio soundtrack.

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