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Code for running into a wall mysteriously stopped working

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This used to work:


        #card = #backtab((many -  / 8 * 20 + (manx - 8 +  /  AND $0FF8
        IF #card = 269 * 8 THEN dir=0
        if dir=1 then manx=manx+1 : #flip=0
    END IF


so I put it into a new game and it quit working. The guy can go anywhere he pleases instead of running into the wall and STOPPING like he's supposed to.



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In the code you linked, you have this under "IF CONT.RIGHT":


        if dir=0 then manx=manx+1 : #flip=0


Don't you mean "if dir=1" there?


Also, where do you set dir back to 1? The only assignments to dir in your main loop clear it to 0.

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How do I check to see if something is printed on the screen? I gave up on the other project and am now making a new one which is a Tetris one. I know there is a 4-tris for Intellivision, but it's impossible to get so I'm making a new one that people can actually get, assuming it's finished.


I have one shape and I want to check to see if it touches a shape already on the screen.




(the name of the game is "Oh well.")

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The generic answer is that you read the #BACKTAB, though I can't recall if IntyBASIC has shortcuts for you to get the character or if you have to mask and shift it out by hand. It is not hard to do once you learn how it is stored, and posisbly something you've already done in your previous projects?

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