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If you are a fan of the Bubster, you are probably a fan of cats. I can think of few cats that have meant more to us in recent times than Grumpy Cat.

At first in memes Grumpy Cat was thought by many to be male. Nope, actually a female cat.

As far as everything goes, a pretty sweet cat. Actually made appearances at conventions and even made at least one Christmas movie which was cute. That is off the top of my head. I am sure there is tons of merchandise that has probably set Grumpy Cat's owner up for life if not through college or something.

I'm not doing a wiki entry, just saying what Grumpy Cat meant to me: a cat that bought happiness to me in my grumpy times by being equally grumpy if not more so. icon_razz.gif

And I guess for me knowing she was not really grumpy, just the basic look, made it all more real somehow.

And for that I wrote this on Facebook:

Link to the article:


Original blog entry:

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