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OdysseyNow game pack orders (Odyssey 1)


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To the Odyssey 1 (1972) community: I'm excited to be able to be able to release 10 copies of our new game pack for the Odyssey. It includes three brand new games, a newly designed game card with an attached controller, and the first ACC controller besides the original light gun. These kits are 100% hand-assembled. The overlays are full laser prints on translucent film; no transparencies (which do not display properly), no ink (which can smear), and no undersized or partial overlays. These are all the full, original Magnavox size for 19in screens. Note that we do not have the ability to manufacture 26in overlays. The Tannhauser Gate overlay includes a fully opaque element (the black hole), which is applied as a separate, opaque layer of special material to the back of the overlay.


To learn more about the games and hardware, see this thread.

To learn more about the OdysseyNow project, see this thread.


The entire set of hardware and games comes in the following cylindrical case:




Complete list of contents:


OdysseyNow Game Pack cylindrical case

Card 13

Card 13 Switch Controller

Damocles Controller

Damocles Controller power supply

Tannhauser Gate overlay

Tannhauser Gate instructions

Tannhauser Gate cards (3 decks)

Fukushima overlay

Fukushima Meltdown Cycle card

Fukushima instructions

Super Cat and Mouse: Cheesy Castle overlay

Super Cat and Mouse instructions

Bonus Game: Trumpocalypse instructions



Needless to say, nothing like this has ever been released for Odyssey before, and we are proud to push the platform forward, 47 years after the console's release!


The price is $150 for the set, plus shipping. At only $50 per game, plus substantial new hardware, this is less than the other significant homebrews of the past. However, I am only releasing 10 copies, so this is an extremely limited release. I just want to get a few copies of our work out there for people to enjoy; we don't have the capacity or interest to manufacture large numbers. Any money we bring in from this release will go straight into further game and hardware development; we are not doing this for profit.


All items have been manufactured and will ship within one week of your purchase.


To purchase, PM me with your Paypal email address and shipping address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. The first 10 payments received will get the set. Any others will be canceled/refunded. I'll update this post when all 10 copies have been sold.


Thanks for your interest and support of the Odyssey!



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I'm closing new orders for now. Significantly more than 10 people have contacted me, but as of now, only 8 kits have been paid for. So there are two up for grabs among the folks I've contacted. I'll accept payment until midnight tonight (that's 6 hours from now) from anyone who has already contacted me. After that I'll cancel any outstanding invoices. If you contacted me and didn't receive an invoice, please let me know right away.


If we end up with more than 10 payments and have to make an extra kit or two, no problem. If we end up under 10, I'll post here and open it up for others.


Thank you for all of your enthusiastic interest! It's fun to hear from you all.

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Thanks again, everyone! I didn't realize that these would go so quickly.


For those of you who managed to snag one of these, we expect to ship in about a week, so within two weeks you should receive your game pack. When you do, we'd love to hear your feedback at the thread about this pack!


For news about future developments, please join our new Facebook group! You may also want to follow this thread.

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These shipped out today! Thanks to everyone who ordered one! If you didn't get one and want to get advance notice for future releases, you may wish to join our new Facebook group (also a great place to discuss Odyssey games and systems): https://www.facebook.com/groups/odysseynow/


Please post any feed back on these games here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289945-new-game-card-special-controller-and-3-games-for-magnavox-odyssey-1/

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Hello, I’m new to the home brew scene and I’m curious on all of the home brews to date, is there a list somewhere? If you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated, I have a pretty nice odyssey 1972 collection as it is and the next place for me to go is home brews, if you could email me at johnlukelindsay@yahoo.com  or text me at +19412017714 that would be greatly appreciated, because I don’t know if i will remember to look back here, thanks!

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