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eJagfest date 2-3 November 2019


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21 hours ago, Ninjabba said:

Enjoyed last year a lot, but won't be able to make it this year... finally getting ready for my (first) trip to Japan those dates.

Looking forward to see what you guys cooked up though!


What about meeting with Sage and me in Japan? ?

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On Duty does not have a high score so it is a bit difficult to have a competition on best score in that game.


But I might have a high score competition on Saturday with two games created by Sampo:

Reiko's Robot Run







For highest score on either game you get fame and a boxed copy of On Duty.


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On 8/7/2019 at 8:22 PM, bhall408 said:

The 3rd hotel they recommend at eJagFest.de is 2km from the event location, and also on the S-Bahn line, so I may go for that one.



We always stop there whenever possible for E-Jagfest. Unfortunately, this year I can't make it, not sure about the others. Helga and her team are very good.

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Hey guys, 


it's only 4 more weeks. I'm really looking forward to see you there. 


If anyone wants to show anything there or just want to reserve a table, please let me know. 


Looks like at some people could helt a j-jagfest this weekend. @CD-i and some others are going to Japan around this time as well.  You all should meet and take a photo together. Would be fun! 


For any questions regarding the event, just let me know! 




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