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SpongeFox finished the game a few days ago (I was amazed) and after about three nights of solid play for hours I was able to collect the 75 hero tokens needed to take on Oinker, the third baws (boss).

At the moment I love playing the Bubsy, Woolie, and Arnold levels with Virgil levels seeming very laborious. I HATE the pick ups in Virgil's levels... currently. I LOVE the boss fights for the second and third boss. LOVE it. :D. They took a while to get through, but somehow I felt challenged, not frustrated.

I liking a lot about the new game. The way Bubsy as a character was presented. The other characters. After flying as the Woolie and seeing such an enjoyable character it just opens so many questions on who these Woolies really are? And more so, the nature of all the Woolies that Bubsy bopped. It is cool that they had a truce between Bubsy and the Woolies in this one. And yes the Woolie was quite helpful in reaching Oinker.

Virgil is likable. And Arnold rolling down a corridor... well, I've always been a fan of games like Stun Runner, Gyruss, Tempest, and Tube on the Atari Jaguar. Great fun.

I currently have 61% of the trophies, and I look forward to earning the rest. And there are competitive score boards for EACH LEVEL, for maps, and combined scores. I could see me competing against other Bubsy players for a good while.

And love the new shirts. :). Especially the rock one.

So in other news since the release of Bubsy on Metacrtic, Paws on Fire is remaining at around 7.4 to 8.0 as a score. Not bad considering Woolies Strike back after 118 user votes currently sits at a 5.8.

Here is some of the activity we've seen on this...

There are 68 votes with 18 reviews, so what are those reviews?

So that is all there is for now. And make sure to check out the Bubsy Fan Group on Discord! A lot of people have said it is a refreshing group of fandom that reminds people how fandom used to be. I didn't notice that at first, but yes, I think they are right. :D.

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