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So I was trying to make a line of trees, like I did with the line of water used to make a stream. Couldn't, even after multiple tries. I was really sleepy all of yesterday because first off I only got a couple hours of sleep due to insomnia, and second, I couldn't sleep when I wanted to on the couch because the dog kept barking at the guy who was washing the house. I don't know why they decided they needed to wash my house, but they did.

So after trying to make a line of trees, I FINALLY slept at 1 a.m. or so. Woke up at about 2 p.m., so I am feeling better and am not as sleepy as I usually am. After waking up, I decided to not go ahead with trying again to make a line of trees and took the easy way out of drawing one tree on top of the other. It was then I discovered a bug in the game. If the guy shot and the ball landed above the tree, it acted like it hit the tree. This only happened on one tree and not the other. The reason I hadn't yet discovered this was because it happens on only one of the trees, the left-most tree on hole 4, the one you don't need to go near.

But I fixed it. The picture here is of hole #8. So now with a lovely title screen with looping music, all I need to do is design and put in one more hole and I can call this game finished. Which means I only worked on this game for a couple of months. I started back around early April.

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