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Dragon's Descent - Action/Roguelike for the 7800 (ported from the 2600)

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I've decided to post maps of the first three levels in the default mode here to help folks learning the game.  This will get you to the midboss at the end of level 3 - the main boss is on level 7 (and every 7 levels afterwards if you're playing infinite mode):


Level 1:



Level 2:



Level 3:



As mentioned above - this game is available for purchase in the AtariAge Store - check it out!

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I managed to get my hands on an Atari CX22 Trak-Ball, and I found playing the game with it was rather fun! 


I was only playing in joystick mode (since I hadn't added in code for the full trackball experience), and it took a little getting used to, but I think there's something there.  When I figured out the control range, it worked nicely, and felt like it had more "resolution" than the joystick with the way I handle momentum.  Spinning the ball *could* work, but moving the ball less than 180 degrees tended to work better and more accurately (plus I think the actual trackball is a little loose, so big spins can miss the contacts). 


It's been awhile since I had a good ol' fashioned centrally positioned trackball, for *any* platform, but if Dragon's Descent *had* been released as an arcade cabinet in 1982, I entertain the visual of it having a trackball controller.  Which might further frustrate those who are still getting the hang of the dragon's momentum :)



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I've started a thread to keep everyone updated on the production of all the new pre-order games, including Dragon's Descent.  I'm also posting photos as items arrive, such as the boxes, manuals, labels, posters, and other items once I've received them!  



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



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AtariAge Day 2022
THIS SATURDAY, LIVE on ZeroPage Homebrew
Saturday, May 21st 2022
Join us for this year's AtariAge Day hosted by @ZeroPage Homebrew on Saturday, May 21st starting at 12PM PT to see the latest homebrew games for the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Atari Jaguar, as well as live interviews with the developers who created all these great games. Make sure you don't miss this huge event and mark it on your calendars! All the newest games in the AtariAge Store will be unboxed and played during the interviews with developers!
Releases & Interviews
Atari 2600:
  • Doggone It (2600) by Andrew Pauley @Armscar Coder
  • Escape from the Castle (2600) by Eduardo Vilarinho
  • Game of the Bear (2600) by Vladimir Zuniga @vhzc
  • Hellway (2600) by Octavio Pinho Bokel @Octavio Pinho Bokel
  • LadyBug Arcade (2600) by John Champeau @johnnywc
  • Mr. Yo-Yo (2600) by David Marli @DaveM
  • Pitkat (2600) by Marco Johannes (MarcoJ) and Dyfed Hitchings (Jamtex)
  • RobotWar 2684 (2600) by John Champeau @johnnywc
  • Soul of the Beast (2600) by Michael Christophersson/ΛERIF°RM @flame
  • Unholy (2600) by Leonardo Santiago @Leonardo Santiago
Atari 5200:
  • Intellidiscs (5200) by Ryan Witmer @Ryan Witmer
Atari 7800:
  • Danger Zone (7800) by Lewis Hill @Muddyfunster
  • Dragon's Descent (7800) by Todd Furmanski @Revontuli
  • Knight Guy in Low-Res World – Castle Days (7800) by Vladimir Zuniga @vhzc
  • Wizard's Dungeon (7800) by BydoEmpire @BydoEmpire
Atari Jaguar:
  • Dr. Typo Collection (Jaguar) by Dr. Typo @DrTypo
  • Gravitic Mines (Jaguar) by Lawrence Staveley @CyranoJ and and Ander Lex @agradeneu
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