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Odyssey 2 green maze screen, need help please!


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I have an Odyessy 2 that was working 5 years ago when i put it in storage and when i pulled it out to play I got funny screens and the system would not work


The first screen will pop up when i first turn it on Grey with whiter box and coloured symbols, Only the first time

When i turn it off and turn it back on it becomes a green screen with maze like lines every other time I turn it off and turn it back on.


what I have tryed


using the power cord from my mint Odyssey 2 and cable box (I do not want to play this one ) no change at all.


Has any one come across this before or know how to fix this.


The other thing I need help with is on of the Joy stick work just fine but you can here the spring in side as you use it, it is not as smooth to control as the other one


thank you for you time





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The first screen always happens to me when the cart is not properly inserted (or bad connectors).

Never saw the second pic problem on my hardware.


I have looked online and can not find anything on it. :(

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