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With only one hole left to design, I thought I might as well code the end. Since I had a whole bunch of spare room, I added an ending screen which displays your final score. I could even add an ending song if I wanted to.

By the way, a final score of one is impossible. I just did that because I started the game on hole 9 for testing.

I tried to design a ninth hole, but it ended up too similar to hole #5 so I threw it out and will try again. The ninth hole in there now is a test hole. At the final score screen, if you press fire, I plan to make it so it will erase your score and you'll end up at hole #1 again. It does that now, but since I made the game start at hole 9, that's where it will end up.

I got my hair cut and my head feels better but it's still hot. Or perhaps my body is in shock because it only got to 52 degrees yesterday.

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