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GoSub (WIP)

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Added a new maze and changed a few things. I'm wondering how many mazes I should put in the game. As it stands, I have 13,354 bytes left for maze data in the maze data bank (bank 1). I don't know if I can put in more maze data in other banks and then have it call them. Why is it that you can only use "loadrombank" in the last bank only?


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Why is it that you can only use "loadrombank" in the last bank only?

If you were running code in a lower bank and switching lower banks with "loadrombank" was allowed, it would yank away the code the game was running, and start running code at the next address in the new bank. This would almost certainly crash the game.


If you want to bankswitch a lower bank from an existing lower bank, you need to use a bankswitched goto or gosub instead.

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I'm trying to put maze data in a bank that isn't bank 1, and I'm having a hard time. I used "loadrombank bank3" which is the bank in which the maze data I want to appear is in. But the maze data is all messed up, yet all the other sprites are fine. What is going on here? Am I trying to do something that can't be done?



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Found another stunt it likes to pull on me.


So tell me if it decides to do that. I played through all 6 levels and it didn't, but with computers and my luck, who knows? In this build, mazes 1-5 are in bank 2 and maze 6 is in bank 7 just as a test to see if I could.


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Every ten screens you get a bonus round in which 10 octopi travel in a straight line either left or right of various heights. The sub cannot move, and the object is to hit all the octopi. If you do, you get an extra life. If you don't, well there's still incentive because each octopus shot at still gets you a point. This is what I worked on today. Pressing fire will get you to the bonus round. I had a tough time trying to make it be 10. Eventually what worked was starting the octopus counter value at 250 and works its way up to 5. I'm sure there is another way, but I couldn't do it. "dec" wasn't working the way it was.


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Since I want this on cart, and the revelation I was reading about how I needed for it to be 48k or so in order to do that, I drastically reduced my game from 128kRAM down to 48k. Turns out I still have about 30,000 bytes left! Also, the maps were garbled, so I changed the whichmap=$4000 to whichmap=$3000 which made it work perfectly. In this version, also, the game starts at level 8 so you can see the three new levels I put in.



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How do I test it on a real 7800?


Hi Chris

if you have a multicart or a devcart.CPUWIZ makes devcarts,which are great for developers.

or the emulator A78 is great for testing,if you

do not own a dev or multicart

For sure,it is a pleasure for me,to test for you


greetings Walter

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I PM'ed CPUWIZ about 7800 dev carts. In the meantime, I've made a few changes.

+ Made the GoSub logo "3D" (Like the "Super Mario Bros." in the SMB block at the beginning of that game).

+ Added a new level after the bonus level.

+ The torpedo now faces both left or right.

+ I noticed that you could just stay at one screen and shoot octopuses and make your score go up that way. But that seems boring. Yet I added a 100 point bonus when you get the treasure on each screen so there's incentive to get to the treasure.




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I stayed up all night to work on this. It's 6AM right now. I think I made it work again, although I'm not sure how. I had to do a bunch of zany stuff I didn't understand, like put the scoredigitscomputer.png file in even though it wasn't being used at all. Oh well. At least it works good, I think. I will eat some mashed potatoes and go to sleep soon.


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A 48k pcb socketed for use with a 64k eprom\eeprom would be more than enough to test with on real hardware over and over till you have it right. I'd go with an EEPROM if I was you as you can erase them with the programmer and don't need to wait on a UV lamp eraser.

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