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The first steps of a GoSub port to the 7800 have been completed.
I assume I can check collisions of the coral using the "peekchar" command. In the 7800basic Guide under 'peekchar' is "charvalue=peekchar( mapdata, x, y, width, height )" So what exactly is the value of charvalue? A 1 if there is a collision and 0 for none, or something else entirely different? I'm so confused on that.

Well, anyway, it took about 5 hours to do. About an hours worth of this was cussing out the computer for saying the submarine graphic had "too many colors." I eventually found out that it was trying to tell me it should be a 4 bit png instead of the 8 bit one I was trying to do. And then another fair amount of time was spent trying to find an emulator. I tried EMU7800 but it apparently needs its own set of data to run a program (lame!) I settled on ProSystem.

And after 5 merciless hours of programming, yelling, figuring out stuff that should have been explained more (or better), I made a title screen for the game.

The submarine moves right and a sonar ping can be heard. The "00" is the level number. I eventually will work some more stuff into the GoSub game, like a key one must collect before you can get the treasure, along with the now-famous octopus and the ability to shoot.

While looking through my website, I came across a folder that was named '7800'. In it were short reviews of DigDug and Food Fight from 2013. I don't have either of those games, yet I don't remember getting a 7800, then selling it, then getting another one. How odd.

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