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BennuGD Dreamcast


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I stumbled upon this, from what I understand it's a high level language with support for dreamcast? apparently it's also very easy to port your projects to alot of other systems, it sounds amazing but surprisingly I can't find much information about it?


I registered at dcemulation but got no mail so maybe someone here can help me.


I can't figure out what to do with it!? How do I install it?


Bennupack 2.9







I found this not up to date tutorial, but my bennupack doesn't have a .exe




There seems to be alot of examples to learn from if I only knew how to use it?

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Oh, I found the latest executable


bennupack is probably just some other usefull things.



But everything you need is in BennupackDreamcastDevKitR20170414, nothing else required






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