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cessnaace's Blog - Homebrew Report #2: Time Sensitive


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Two new homebrews for the Atari 2600 are on the cusp of being released by Good Deal Games. These will be released as Limited Runs very soon. I've already spoken for one LR copy of each game. If you want the Limited Run versions you need to act quickly.

Game 1
Asteroid Rescue
The Limited Run of this game will be available on July 14th at The Video Game Summit. Limited to 20 copies. This game is already up at the Good Deal Games site, listed at $24.75. I ordered my copy last night, and posted info about it at Patreon/Cessnaace. Even though a minimum pledge of $1 per month is required to see my Exclusive Content, I made this post Public due to the nature of this release.


Game 2
Kung Fu Combat
25 Limited Run copies will be available this weekend at the CORGS trade show. This game is not yet up on the Good Deal Games site, but it will probably cost around $25, as that is what Michael (of GDG) told me to send him in two weeks for my LR copy, which he plans to go ahead and ship to me with the other 3 games that I ordered on June 3rd. This offer was made to me out of kindness, and due to my budgetary concerns. In other words my wife was ok with me buying 3 games this week, but not 4.


While the video that I found for Asteroid Rescue looks nearly complete, the play video that I found for Kung Fu Combat looks to be a WIP version.

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