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A7800 Emulator Issue


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Hey all,


I'm trying to run the A7800 emulator in Windows, and while it runs fine from the GUI I'd ideally like to make command-line short cuts to my games. Unfortunately I can't seem to make it work; when I try to run it with the supposedly correct syntax:



"A7800.exe a7800 -cart asteroids.a78"



I get this result:



"Fatal error: Device Atari 7800 Cartridge Slot load () failed: File not found"



I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong; any suggestions? Thanks!

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What folder is asteroids.a78 located?


This is the correct command line, substituting the path described to where your ROMs are stored:

a7800.exe a7800 -cart "C:\Path\To\My\Atari 7800 ROMs\asteroids.a78"

If you're looking to utilize the warm or hot system palettes, substitute the a7800 switch with a7800u1 or a7800u2 respectively.

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It seems that a7800 isn't able to find asteroids.a78 in the working directory. Not 100% sure (mostly a unix guy) but the working directory is probably the same directory as your shortcut. Is the rom in that same directory?


If you have the shortcut somewhere other than the rom, try specifying the full path to the rom. e.g. "c:\a7800\roms\asteroids.a78"


[edit - Trebor beat me to it. Story of my life. :)]

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