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HLO projects - Coco 2 Expanded BASIC Quick Reference Manual


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A previous post I created LINES on a Coco 2 with 8 colors using Tino Deleurgo's Expanded BASIC utility package. It utilized semi-graphic capabilities and is a rather nice package with lots of nice features.
Unfortunately the manual isn't that great. Tino uses a tutorial structure in the manual that makes it hard to find the commands and what they do.
So I wiped up a quick reference manual for myself and decided to post it. I zipped it up with the original manual which you will need.
Here it is:

A little bit about Expanded BASIC. The utility is broken up into four packages.
1.) Graphics package.
2.) Edit Package.
3.) Q screen package.
You can only run one of these packages at a time.
4.) Extra commands.
These extra commands can be run concurrently with 1-3.

The first package adds some graphic commands such as BORDER & SCROLL. It also adds an advanced SOUND command. Plus some real nice programming commands such as multi-line IF..THEN..ELSE and REPEAT...UNTIL.
The second package adds some unique editing commands. I only found the AUTO line numbering useful.
The third package is the package I used to create LINES in 8 color. It adds semi-graphic capabilities. I wished he'd added more commands to the utility put I guess there was a memory constraint involved.
The forth and last package adds LOCAL VARIABLES and using commands as a string to the previous other three packages.
Not a bad little package. Looks to be stable, I had no crashes in testing. I think I might use it to create some stuff in the future.

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