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Center Console

The shiny black finish on the center console in the Model 3 is a major dust and fingerprint magnet. Back in March I ordered the Brushed Steel Center Console Wrap from Tesla Bros. I finally got around to installing it in Talith today, turned out great!

If Tesla Bros sounds familiar, it's because I ordered their door stickers back in January.

They help out quite a bit to prevent people from using the Manual Door Release, which should only be used in the case of emergency .

Wireless phone charging

I'd also ordered the new version of the Jeda Wireless Pad for charging my phone. Fits in the 3 significantly better than the original Jeda, and has some other design improvements such as supporting charging in landscape mode (could be useful if you run 3rd party mapping software such as Waze).

When I installed the original Jeda I'd used a 12V USB charger and ran extension cables to power it as the front USB ports didn't supply enough power to charge phones while also using USB sticks (used for the dashcam and sentry mode features, as well as music).

The cables were binding and starting to expose wire, so I removed them.

At some point after doing that, Tesla did a firmware update which increased the power from the front USB ports. So a simple Y-Splitter can now be used. The 12V method does provide faster charging if you need it, but I don't.


For in-car gaming I'd been using an old Logitech RumblePad 2 controller.

It worked fine for most games, but the button layout was confusing for Missile Command:

  • 1 = Middle Base
  • 2 = Right Base
  • 3 = Left Base
I recently found out the mapping for XBox controllers was better, so picked up one during lunch today:

And yes, the button mapping works much better:
  • X = Left Base
  • A = Middle Base
  • B = Right Base
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