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So two Channel F video games with their manuals came in the mail today. I will "review" both of them now.
Hangman - This is a really good version of Hangman. Easy controls, twist left and right to move the letter and fire to guess it. The words are really great, too. One of them was "WEALTH," so makes for really good guessing.
Alien Invasion - The Channel F's answer to Space Invaders. It really is just Space Invaders, right down to the ship flying by periodically. Makes one wonder why Taito didn't go after them. When you die, though, it takes a while for the game to start back up. I guess it doesn't want you to make any erroneous moves, but that's kind of hard to do when all you're doing is moving left and right and firing.

Both of the games were listed as "untested," so I was taking a chance. I've had broken games come to me through eBay before (I'll be using an Alien Invasion shell in an upcoming game!) but this time it was good. I wish though there was a way to turn down the Channel F's volume of the noises it makes. If only they made a volume control for the thing.

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