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So a whole bunch of games arrived in the mail today. First off, my 9 Game Boy games from that guy who put my game onto a cartridge who lives overseas came. I'll be keeping one, so eight of these will be on sale soon.

And also, last night, I designed the final hole in Channel F Golf. It took a while since the idea wasn't too keen on cooperating with me, but I got it to work somehow.

It was ten Game Boy games, but I made the mistake of showing mom one of them and she looked at it and commented on it, but when she handed it back to me, there was a bubble on the label where the screw was. I was with her the whole time I showed it, and it wasn't there before, and she didn't do anything weird to it. I guess she just has the magic touch. So I'll be keeping two of them, I guess, since I am a perfectionist.

So anyway, I was up all night and slept on the couch and woke up very early today because I needed to pee. I just thought I should be awake, and I didn't want to go back to sleep even though I was extremely tired (I was asleep on the couch since about 9 a.m.)

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