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The Atari XL Portable did exist...

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Project Eskimo, aka .... project Dogsled... aka.... project Atari Explorer did in fact exist past the technical specification document that was written up from January through May 1984.


I just received the LCD screen in an XL styled mockup case.


I have placed it ontop of a 600XL to give everyone a suggested possible appearance of what it may have looked like. I only have the screen, the keyboard/cpu portion is not to be found... so far.









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odd thing, the display is masked to round the upper corners. Don't know why that's the case on this one... I suspect the cabling and the rest of it will turn up. :) Someone's been digging around in deeper recesses of those piles and boxes. Glad they are!

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It makes sense that Time Warner Atari would have been looking at this since the Apple IIc was released with an option for an LCD screen that looked almost exactly like this one in 1984. To really make it work Atari would have had to release an 8-bit with a built in disk drive.

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...and very similar to many of the electronic typewriter displays of that period.


what's the screen display size?


obviously, greater than the Portfolio's 40x8

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The board reads LM48001G.

That points to the display being a Sharp LM-48001G.

The specifications are display size 237mm x 70,5 mm, 16 rows with 80 columns, resolution 480 x 120 points.
Available from the end of 1983. (Source: C't Magazine, december 1983


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