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atari2600land's Blog - I almost choked to death.


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So there I was, eating a fake chicken sandwich. When suddenly, I had one of my choking fits. So I rushed to the bathroom and puked up all the sandwich I ate. But then I tried drinking water, but it wouldn't stay down. Oh great, I thought. I kept forcing myself to vomit because I was convinced there was a little bit still stuck in there. But there wasn't. But I was still choking. Mom tried to help by giving me one of her herbal coughdrops. It didn't help any. I still couldn't keep even my own saliva down.

An hour later, still choking and burping and puking my saliva, I tried a can of Diet Cherry 7-Up. This made my throat hurt, it made me burp a lot, but I still was choking. I went and worked on my Atari 7800 game GoSub, stopping every 30 seconds to go to the bathroom and puke out any newly made saliva.

Then, an hour later, I had another idea: Eat something. Yeah, I know I would probably barf it back up, but I did anyway. I sat on the bathroom floor and started eating real turkey anticipating vomit. I then had a spasm in my throat and it suddenly cleared up. I took a drink of water. I was able to swallow it. I bet it was due to the honey in the turkey that cured me. Well, I guess I can cross off fake chicken sandwiches on the list of stuff I can eat.

But feeling like choking to death for a couple of hours is not fun. I had this problem once before a couple of years ago. But it seems like every day I eat something and suddenly can't swallow. It usually clears up and I go back to eating, but this time it didn't for some reason. So the next time this happens to me, I must remember to try eating turkey if I have any. Turkey cured me. I don't know how, but it did. Take that, vegetarianism!

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