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Has Anyone made an Xformer cable for the PC


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Has anyone had any luck making one of these Xformer cables for the PC, I have ben trying but keep getting a read error, both on the PC and on the Atari ST. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


This is the diagram I am following for the Atari end:

    The serial connector pin-out                                  1 1                      2 4 6 8 0 2                      -----------                     /o o o o o o\                    /o o o o o o o\                   -----------------                     1 3 5 7 9 1 1                               1 3            1  clock in (to computer)        2  clock out        3  data in        4  GND        5  data out        6  GND        7  command (active low)        8  cassette motor control        9  proceed (active low)       10  +5V/ready       11  audio in       12  +12V (400/800)       13  interrupt (active low)

My only question is: which side of the connector are we looking at the plug connection with the holes , or the where the wires go in , they don't say. Maybe a little more googling in necessary on my part. But there must be someone else with the same problem as me.

The PC or ST part I have no problems with....




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Never mind, I figured it out but for those of you who want the information here it is:



I am not sure what this cable is for but I do now have the correct pinouts for my Atari SIO cable , and I took off the cover on the plug end to confirm color codes.



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