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atari2600land's Blog - 47 sighting - June 8, 2019


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A high school senior prank may cost some local seniors $47. Why the teacher chose that amount is unknown, but what the students basically did was move the desks in the high school out into the hall and put hot dogs on the chalkboard chalk holders. And they might not be able to walk in the graduation. Seems kind of a stiff penalty for that, but hey, it's a 47 sighting.

A day after I choked, I just now managed to eat a 12 inch Subway sandwich without choking. They never put enough mayo on, so I put extra mayonnaise on it. Some may think it's way too much, but you can't taste the mayonnaise the way they do it. Plus, it probably acts like a lubricant for making it slide down my throat easier so it doesn't get stuck. Apart from that, I've been eating liquidy foods like ice cream and mashed potatoes.

And I've been working on GoSub for the 7800, making it work on A7800. Working on the bonus round and putting mazes in. Since I'm limited to about 32k or 48k, I doubt I'll have room for the 100 mazes like I planned, it'd be more like 30-40 or so. I'm aiming for a nice round 50. Plus a nice ending screen.

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