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Flashback 9 - SD card will not work - need help

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I just got my pre-owned Flashback 9 from eBay and I am having issues with the SD card slot, I did change the file to "Game" and retitled some of the files and fired her up I went to the SD card browser and it said "loading" twice and returned me to the menu, this is bullshit!!!


I need to know what to do, this is the AR3230 (the one with the RCA jack instead of the HDMI as I use an older receiver) and I thought this unit would work fine with an SD card, like my old Harmony and also the Flashback portable did, I have almost 650 titles on her and I only modded the title names on a few because I did not want to spend 2 hours doing 650 of them, I NEED HELP!!!

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Did you do both the atari_update.img from AtGames and then the custom firmware update? If you applied the Custom Firmware you won't be able to open the SD card because all of the games that are there should be in the menu when you boot the Flashback 9. If you need to refer to this thread for the Custom Firmware:

If you need atari_update.img I can send it to you. Hope this helps. I've got two Flashback 9's and they are working perfectly.

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