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Atari FB9 AR3230 (Canadian version w/ RCA a/v composite) owners thread

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How many of you own the (somewhat) Canadian-market Atari Flashback 9 model AR3230 with composite RCA a/v output so they can use it on their old-school (non-HD) setup??? I picked up one on eBay and am having compatibility issues with a few homebrews on my SD card, Space Rocks, the great Chaotic Grill!, and Scramble (all 32K files) will not work, however, Star Castle Arcade does work (also 32K), any advice or help???


Want to hear some input from fellow AR3230 owners like me.

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Again, the FB9 w/ HDMI will play those DK games as well.


Convinced to get the HDMI AR3050 but I am skeptical about the where the audio signal is going to, as there are no separate L/R audio jacks just the HDMI output and while my Insignia 720p HDTV has 3 HDMI inputs I am also a bit skeptical as to the display of the games, I have read that it's only read at a 4:3 ratio (with black bars left and right) as opposed to 16:9, where as the composite AR3230 "stretches" the 4:3 to display to fully fit to the 16:9 (full screen), especially since all of my SDTV (480i) components read the full screen as opposed to having black bars left and right like any HDMI-capable unit (like my Windows 7 laptop with DVD drive) would when it comes to displaying an SDTV 480i file/program


Will the HDMI version read on the screen in 16:9 as it is 720p-capable or will it have those dreaded black bars to the left and right??? If it can do it then "game on"!!!

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My Atari FB9 with HDMI has shipped out (I picked one up on eBay, new in open box for under $30 including shipping), I already own an old-school SD (non-HD/HDMI-compatible) composite-based a/v receiver I have had since the late 90s and have found this HDMI-to-RCA converter to work with her, so for all those who want to get the AR3050 (HDMI version) of the FB9, and want to (or have to) use it on an old-school a/v receiver or non-HD (SD) TV, here is the solution:



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Chiming in with some specific incompatibilities on the Atari FB9 w/ composite outputs. I did a search and saw this requested in several places but not actually posted. Here's some of the ones I've found.


Demos seem to run slower than intended:

4kra VCS
Sphaera stellarum


Games that (I assume use multipsrite kernel) have a syncing issue that causes problems:

Bit Quest
Halo 2600


Games that just don't run at all:

Alien Pinball

FNAF 2600
Gizzle Wap and the.... blizzard
Reindeer Rescue
Stay Frosty

Toyshop Trouble
Pitfall II Lost Caverns
Zippy the Porcupine
Probably anything over a certain file size...


Games that function oddly:
SC games like SC Space Invaders (I believe this is a known glitch, haven't tried patched versions)
Princess Rescue (The enemy AI stops working at a seemlingly random point during play)
AVGN the game (The title screen is off sync, otherwise fine)
Cosmic Ark and any game that uses the "starfield effect" (Plays fine, but the starfield effect isn't present- instead the stars just appear as long strips)

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