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IntelliVision cartridge problems?


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Wow long time since I last posted something!! Well I have an IntelliVision 1 and have some cartridge problems. It seems as my IntelliVision likes more carts that others.


I bought the systems from a video game store in Madison WI and got 3 games and all of them work and still do however I bought a couple of games from a local game store and some would get to the IntelliVision screen and button press would freeze the system or load garbage even after cleaning them.


The thing that I think is strange is I bought 2 copies of Night stalker. The first would go to the IntelliVision splash screen and button hit would freeze it. The 2nd one would work with no problem. However when I bought Advanced D&D the game would freeze and show garbage. I just recently got Space Spartas the game gets to the splash screen and it will go to the space map for a millisecond and than freezes.


Im having a hard time thinking if its the games or my system? Are the cartridge not that dependable for the IntelliVision? I found it odd that I bought 10 games for the IntelliVision and 2 dont work and after rebuying Night stalker to get it working. I was thinking of reseating the rom chipsets on the board but I dont really know If thats the problem or not.


Any advice or input would be a great help and thanks in advance!

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If you have two night stalkers, one works correctly one doesn't, most likely the system is fine. Can you list all the cartridges you have and their result. If the system is working, most likely the problem is the contact between the cartridge and the slot. After inserting the cartridge and before turning on the system, try pulling the cartridge back until it is about to slip out.

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Space hawk

Space armada


Tron deadly discs


Night stalker

Star strike

Intellivision voice -seems to work even though only have 1 game for it


Non working: and returned to store.

Space spartan- voice works at splash than freezes

Night stalker

advanced dungeons & dragons: treasure of tarmin


Ive tried space spartan with both voice in and out of system and same results except with voice in it freezes on blue srceen with out it freezes on yellow screen.


Ive pulled the cartridge back till its about ready to slip out and the system booted game fine.


Space spartan was a eBay game I ordered and the last game I got for my IntelliVision so far. It came CIB and was thinking of returning it thats what made me post this problem cause idk if its system or just a bunch of bad cartridge that Ive gotten..


So far most of the games that dont work seem to push the Intellivision thats what make me think its the system. I also thought it odd that Im running into a 25% failure rate on the cartridge not working.. are the IntelliVision carts that finkey or flakey?

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Thanks!! But I dont know if a rom chip is going bad or is bad in my IntelliVision. I dont doubt that if I get pitfall it would work. However if in get another space spartan game or Advance D&D game i feel like it might not work.. thats kinda been my issue.... I could try and resetting the rom chips ect..or it vary well of been a bunch of bad games. Just dont know... if they dont have a vary high failure rate it might be with the IntelliVision..

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If some cartridges work consistently than the intellivision is fine.


Are you saying Space Spartans does not work when inserted normal but works when pulled back? That usually works with problem cartridges.


Like Cmart said bad roms and cartridges are very rare. Most likely the problem is the contact between the cartridge and the cartridge slot. Cleaning both the cartridge slot and cartridge contacts might help.

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No space spartan doesnt work and dont have another system to test it out with. It just the freeze color changes.. depending if the voice is in or not..


Ive cleaned all pins and no changes to game playability or load.. regardless if the game is pushed in or partial out doesnt change the out come or freeze after button press. The pins on this IntelliVision seem to work great.

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