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I just Bought An Atarimax USB Starter Kit


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Hello all:


I just purchased a complete Atarimax USB kit with ProSystem, is this a good purchase or would my 10502USB device have been sufficient for copying Atari disks. What all can I do with this new AtariMax hardware and software that I can't so with the 10502USB device? Actually maybe you, Nezgar can tell me this is its right up your alley so to speak, maybe you will get an extra 10502USB device in the mail, who knows?




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The Atarimax device switches modes on the fly, when you launch the prosystem it will become an Atari Drive to PC device automatically.

The Atarimax device is the only one that can handle the XF551 high speed modes and the indus as well, this is because it uses a micro-controller as part of it's design.

APE can handle both an rs232 sio2pc and a usb sio2pc at the same time. I use it to serve two Atari's at the same time using that method.

Pro System images disk very quickly with varying configurations to make ATR's, ATX's, and can read and retry a sector as many or as little times as you would like, this can be helpful to give a failing disk a single pass to get all the data it can without grinding the disk, once all the data is pulled and only bad sectors remain, you can set a number of tries and go at it again letting it automatically keep trying. If it is recovered you can use a sector editor or copy utility and and add the recovered information back to the disk with the good sectors only. sometimes and xf551 can pull a sector that a 1050 can't and vice versa on marginal disks

The Atarimax device with a registered copy of APE is what I used for just about everything except one area....


and that area is PC-Link... for that I use the cheapo ftdi usb cable with respeqt... and that is only when using spartados x with pclink and respeqt... it makes the pc hard drive the Atari's playground.

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