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Mike Harris' Blog - A couple of bug fixes


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Nothing you might notice but I updated my pickup routine so now the Bat has independence of grabbing objects.
Before, the system was set up for just the player to pick up the loot.

My last concept rom had a bug with sound when picking up which I fixed.

Updated the font to look more pleasant than standard.

To test music independent from effects select level 3 which I changed the tune to play a surprise that you might remember.
I started ripping music from ADAM Data Pack games now so this will be a change that no one else has done to my knowledge.

I only rendered it using 1 voice instead of compiling it properly but you will get it.

Fixed a couple of memory leaks and cleaned up some code.

Designing custom screens is a pain because I can't find a decent, updated tile editor that is bug free but I will get there sooner or later by hand.


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