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I used to have a website where I uploaded comics via an online ftp server. For some reason, last month it quit displaying the comics I uploaded. So I quit drawing them. But I got in the mood for drawing some more comics, but I have nowhere to post them, except for here.

I do my comics in groups of 3. Since a sheet of paper is 8.5 x 11 inches. 3 comics fit perfectly on this page. Then I scan the page, enter Photoshop, resize the comics (I don't know why scanners like to make extra-large sized pictures out of scans.) Then I cut out the extra dots it likes to make, redo the text with my font of my handwriting I created, and set the number of colors to 2 so it looks like something in a newspaper.

I choked on pizza this morning. Eventually I vomited out this brown gook that didn't resemble food at all. I had some Teddy Grahams earlier, but I usually don't choke on them. I don't know why it keeps happening.

And I'm making a new album parody of Van Morrison's "Common One," It's not really a parody per se, but the songs are patterned after it, even though I compose them myself. I'm calling mine "Weird One." I don't know why I'm telling you this, though, you'll probably never hear it. Just a project I'm working on to alleviate my boredom whenever it strikes.

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