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New Evercade Handheld System


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I ordered a Evercade VS Founders edition because  I was going to buy all 6 cartridges anyway.

So at that point I am getting the system with two controllers and a bunch of extras for a decent deal of about $125. US.

I imagine if someone only wanted 2 or 3 of the cartridges that may keep them from buying it.

I really like the poster that comes with it because of all the Intellivision game box images.

Cool stuff!

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On 5/27/2021 at 4:56 AM, Songbird said:

That's a lot of Evercade threads! :D


Pre-orders go live on Songbird tomorrow for the VS and all the upcoming carts. Sorry, we won't have the Founders edition however.

I just preordered the two carts that I still needed after preordering the Evercade VS from Funstock,on top of the 4 I had already on preorder from Songbird. 

Thanks for making these available to us all!

That's 12 Evercade carts I have coming to me at some point the rest of the year.

Wow,that is a large amount of video game goodness coming up!??

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12 minutes ago, Lord Innit said:

20 months later my second one has just started having the same issue. Only ever had light use. I'm done with the Evercade.  Won't be getting the EXP either. 

Your choice, but did you email them? They are very responsive.

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18 minutes ago, jgkspsx said:

Your choice, but did you email them? They are very responsive.

Awaiting response. Probably won't hear back til Tuesday as Monday is New Years  Bank Holiday.


I did receive an automated response saying someone will reply as soon as possible

Edited by Lord Innit
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