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Sega CD Model 1 Skipping


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I was playing my Sega CD today for the first time in a while. Sadly, it started skipping about 30 seconds into my game of Sewer Shark. Figuring it was the disc, I got another copy and same result. I then played an audiodisc and noticed it played the first few tracks fine, but the closer I got to the last track, the more it skipped (it wouldn't even play the last track). I opened the drive to find dust in the tray (how does that even happen?). I cleaned the tray and tried the CD again, to no avail.


It worked just fine two years ago when I played it. Does this sound like a dirty laser (and if so, would a laser cleaning disc work?), or is this likely something to do with power to the drive?

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12 hours ago, towmater said:

I had nearly the same thing happen last week, and you probably should regrease the rails, although simply using it for a while seemed to be enough to make mine spread the lubrication a bit and started working properly by itself.

This actually worked! I played an audio CD in its entirety (it didn't skip at all when the tracks were played in order) and then played Sewer Shark and got pretty far before the CD started skipping. I turned it off and later found that I could played the last track on the CD with some skipping. After that I popped in a game and it was still pretty unplayable, but a lot better than yesterday).


I am not sure how to grease a drive or what type of grease to use. Kind of scared to do it since the model one is a frontloader...

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Model 1's are notorious for developing skipping problems as they get older.  Mine does the same thing.  Never thought about greasing the rails, I was always told that it either needed new caps or a laser replacement.

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