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I just got my FB9 HDMI AR3050 but I have issues - how do I get it to normal???

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I am having problems right away with my new-in-open-box FB9 with HDMI, when I boot her up (both with SD card in place and without), all I get is this




and I don't know how to get it to read normal, let alone play any games what do I do??? it seems like this system is out of my technical realm, as I have pervasive developmental delay, even my late grandmother could not understand the VCR we gave her in Xmas in the 90s we had to send it back. I don't want to send this unit to Goodwill because I can't understand it, help me.


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Note that it's not how it displays that is the problem, it's that I can't get to any of the menus, let alone play any of my games, now you know why I bought the SD AR3230, because it was easy to understand, this unit, the AR3050, while looking great (especially when using the "wide" mode on my Insignia HDTV, in which I always use) I am unable to get it off of this (what appears to be a) somewhat test pattern as displayed in the last post, I just need help getting off of it so I can enjoy all of my games on it, I bought it so I can play all the games the AR3230 would not.

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I looked up the problem and it seems like this is a common issue with the AR3050 (HDMI, HD) unit, it is a red test screen and I am not the only one who has this issue, so I contacted AtGames by both Facebook messenger and Hotmail/Outlook, and I hope to get an answer soon.


Here is the exact letter I sent:


Atari Flashback 9 only shows test screen - what do I do to get it to read properly?


Dear Sirs, 
I just received my of the Flashback 9 from eBay (it was a new in open box purchase, $30 including shipping) , but when I boot her up after making all the connections I get a bright red (what appears to be a) test screen and no matter what I do none of the built-in games nor those on the SD card will display, what do I do?
Ray Jackson
AtariAge user ID: BIGHMW


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