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A year of progress with F8 Assembly


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Hi everyone, in case anyone thought I had dropped off the scene, here is my current progress with using F8 processor to make a Fairchild Channel F game.


I'm considering making a "3 in a row" game, essentially tic tac toe, but with variants including three men's morris. This is basically tic tac toe but with only 3 counters each - and then you get to move a counter each turn.


The image here is what I've got so far. Yep. Its just a grid. I'm learning very slowly by looking at other peoples assembly, editing things and seeing what happens. What you see here is the progress of on and off testing for probably a year now. Realistically, you could edit pacman_10 (its on the ves wiki here!: http://channelf.se/veswiki/index.php?title=Homebrew:Pac-Man ) and edit the bits shown in the image I've attached, and get what I got here. The difference is however is that I sort of understand the other assembly lines now and how it does what it does. I'm now stuck trying to work out how to do other graphics, that change due to player interaction (such as the counters, player selection), so I'll probably be back in 12 months with some kind of player movement!


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Update: I've now figured out how to do a basic read of key presses. I've tested this by making several playfields and then setting it depending on key pressed. I've included the file for running in an emulator.

This merges my knowledge from looking up pacman_10 and also test_controls and merging them. This is actually the first time I've coded the assembly lines myself predicting what it would actually do (and it working!) so I'm super happy with myself.


I use Mess to test these files out and play much better homebrew games.

To try what I've done load up the file in your emulator, then hold console keys 1 or 2 (in my mess this is 1 and z) to see the different playfields.

My next goal is to save this as a variable so you don't have to hold down the key, I can then tidy some of my code up and work on actual gameplay.


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Wow, can't believe its been another year... 


I recently picked up e5frog's multicart for the Channel F, and its really nice seeing the homebrew made for the console on a real machine, and makes me appreciate all the effort that goes into them even more.


Last night I picked this up again, since last time I've made an effort to try and learn 2600 assembly, which admittedly as its more documented (and idiot proof for people like me) has helped me a lot in understanding once I got back to F8 assembly.


Nothing particularly exciting still, I've managed to slim down the game selection code, and made it so you just press it and not have to hold it down. Its progress for me! More importantly, I've actually managed to use blitGraphic and got it working for the first time - this helps with making boxes or text or whatever. I think my 2600 experience has helped me with some basic issues with assembly (I'm talking really basic, such as where address definitions were beyond the point of the code they were referencing, I'm not particularly good at any of this!).


So 1 2 and 3 console buttons now gives you the three different grids, and a side bar appears (I'm aware I called it topbar, it was going to be at the top but I changed my mind :P ). I think I aimed too high for a first project to do a kind of expanded "tic-tac-toe" game, so I'll probably start a new project with what I've learnt and get something that actually moves on the screen - then I just need to add some form of gameplay.



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