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Infinite Health Xenophobe Hack?


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10 hours ago, Jazzoff2000 said:

This hacking stuff is fantastic... I'd kill for infinite time and fuel in APB, just to explore the scenery haha

Same here.  I like APB but it's too hard with the Lynx controls (not that the arcade version was easy).

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Xenophobe has 23 levels.  There are 7 levels that you play three times through in the middle, plus a unique first and last stage.


The Health gauge is a 16-bit unsigned value, meaning it can go up to 65,535.  I remember applying a poke with an early version of Handy.


The key is practice, to learn what to avoid.  Definitely avoid getting zapped by the Festors, and getting jumped into by the Snotterpillers.  Also don't fall into the Reactor core.


Learn what the various items do.  One thing not everybody seems to know is that you can use the Tools to repair the machine that spits out bombs on the second level.  Once that's done, you can max out your bombs count.

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On 11/12/2019 at 11:40 PM, Kyle22 said:

Is there a hacked Atari 800 version that is not as difficult? I get killed every time.

Those nasty biting things are heard too frequently on my GTIA speaker.



Really?  I always thought the 8-bit version was too easy.  But I'll admit I haven't played it through all the way.

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